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XT-IDE Deluxe - Bootable ISA CF+IDE Interface Card XT-IDE Deluxe - Bootable ISA CF+IDE Interface Card XT-IDE Deluxe - Bootable ISA CF+IDE Interface Card XT-IDE Deluxe - Bootable ISA CF+IDE Interface Card

XT-IDE Deluxe - Bootable ISA CF+IDE Interface Card

$55.00 inc. tax
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single: $55.00
2 up to 3: $55.00 per item
4 up to 8: $50.00 per item
9 up to 15: $45.00 per item
Note: This product can have some shipping delays if it is under heavy demand or an inrush of orders occurs.

The XT-IDE Deluxe is primarily for adding a reliable, modern hard disk solution to an 8088 PC, such as an IBM 5150 or 5160. It also works in 286 and up, but a solution involving the Monotech DoubleROM card can provide you better performance in those.
The card provides both a rear-accessible CompactFlash card slot, and an internal IDE port for hard drives or internal CF cards. You can use both at once, with a maximum of two drives total.
This rear-accessible slot allows easy swapping of cards, or transfer between vintage PC and modern PC.

Typical uses:
  • Add IDE HDD or CF card to an 8-bit ISA system such as IBM PC, XT, and clones.
  • Add IDE support to a system without IDE support in the BIOS (like AT and PS/2 Model 30).
By default the XT-IDE Universal BIOS comes configured for:
  • All-CPU-compatible BIOS.
  • Use the XT-IDE Card's IDE interface at 300h, no IRQ needed.
  • Boot first hard drive unless user presses A for floppy.
Any of the above can be changed on purchase, or in your own time with the simple DOS utility.
I recommend using the 186 BIOS if you have an 80186 or NEC V20/V30 or higher, for improved disk performance.

Switches and jumpers control:
  • Whether the CF card slot is Master (Drive 0) or Slave (Drive 1).
  • I/O port for the onboard 8-bit IDE interface
  • Memory port for the Option ROM
  • Option ROM Enable
  • Option ROM Write-protect
  • ROM type
  • Compatibility mode ("XT-IDE Rev1") and HiSpeed mode ("XT-IDE Rev2")
  • Provide 5V on IDE pin 20, which can power some DoMs and CF adapters.
  • IBM XT Slot-8 Support

There are blank PCB pads for an optional power output connector. Useful for powering an IDE HDD in machines such as the PS/2 Model 30, which doesn't have a spare power connector from the power supply.
The CF slot is set to master by default, as some CF cards don't like being slave. You can change this with DIP Switch 1.
Max 2 drives, one as master, one as slave.
So you could have one IDE drive on an IDE cable, and the rear-accessible CF slot populated.
Or you can have just the CF slot populated, or up to two IDE drives on an IDE cable, with no CF card in the slot.
Schematic has some parts based on XT-IDE Rev2 schematic by VCfed members, and The Glitch Works

XT-IDE Universal BIOS Firmware and config utility
XT-IDE Universal BIOS Source
XT-IDE Deluxe PCB Source

Note: If you choose to bundle a 64M card, and they are not in stock, a 128M card may be provided instead.

Note: The 4th photo shows a Monotech MicroRAM card attached. This is not included, and can be purchased separately here. Attaching it to the XT-IDE card instead of installing it into an ISA slot, simply saves you an ISA slot. Useful for IBM 5150 and other machines with limited number of slots.

Note: All orders after 6th Sep 2021, ship with XT-IDE Universal BIOS R618. Before this, R602 was used, which had a small bug relating to LBA addressing. In the process of fixing this bug in R606, CF cards formatted on an older XUB version than R606 won't boot, and will need reformatting (and vice versa for cards formatted within R606+ XT-IDE BIOS and trying to boot on <R606). Consider upgrading your XUB version on older XT-IDE cards if you wish to swap CF cards between machines.
Product Code: 001-XTIDE
Product Condition: New
weight: 100.0g
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High Quality Bargain
Friday, October 6, 2023
I've had the XT-IDE Deluxe for a couple of weeks now and I'm very, very impressed. The construction appears to be excellent, the board offers a multitude of configuration options that are clearly labelled and best of all it works perfectly in my Commodore Colt with absolutely no fuss or fiddling, which is a rare treat for retro gear. Even the delivery packaging was a cut above. A bargain at this price, well done!
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