DeluxeFloppy - 8-bit ISA Bootable HD Floppy + Serial
Product Description
Has 3 functions:
  • Floppy controller
  • Serial controller (D9 port, proper 16550 UART)
  • Boot ROM socket (usually used for HD Floppy BIOS, or nothing or XT-IDE if your system has HD Floppy support in the BIOS already). Supports 8KiB and 32KiB ROMs.

The PC8477 floppy controller supports damn near all types up to 2.88MB, including FM Single-Density drives.
The boot ROM only supports 360K, 1.2M, 720K, 1.44M, 2.88M. If you want to access other types, you need special software that accesses the hardware directly such as ImageDisk.
The floppy controller is hard wired as the primary controller, and supports one or two drives.

Supports both modern 3.5" floppy cables, and older 5.25" edge-connector cables as seen in IBM PC and XT.

Serial port can be configured as COM1, 2, 3, 4.

Includes HD Floppy BIOS on an EEPROM.
The HD floppy BIOS has a built in setup menu with F2 on bootup, and saves the settings non-volatile on the EEPROM itself.
It should be located before other BIOS's. You will need to disable other BIOS's (such as XT-IDE) temporarily, to access the F2 configuration menu.

Can add jumper to support IBM PS/2 floppy drives without power connector. This jumper isn't installed by default because it would cause a short circuit with a standard floppy drive.
$50.00 inc. tax
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weight: 100g
Product Condition: New
Product Description
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