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NuXT v2.0 - MicroATX Turbo XT - 10MHz, 832K, XT-IDE, Multi-IO, SVGA

$340.00 inc. tax

New batch in production!
Please click the red "Notify me when product is back in stock" button if you would like to be emailed when they are back in stock.
A few setbacks have slowed the production of new stock, but they are on track to be restocked this year.


Note1: Do not choose "Tracked Airmail" as your shipping option, unless you are okay with your box only being insured for $150. Choose DHL Express for very fast delivery (once shipped).

Note2: If there are surges in demand for my products, your order may not ship for up to a few days or weeks.

Note3: Security notice: Only reply to, or click links in emails from


Not just a motherboard, but more of a "single-board-computer", which includes built on, many peripherals that a separate ISA card would usually be needed for.
Can be used as a full featured IBM XT-compatible without any extra cards.
Can add Sound, Network Card, or more storage/connectivity via the four ISA slots.
I recommend reading the user manual in the links at the bottom, for more detailed information.


  • 8088 and NEC V20 CPU support
  • 8087 math co-processor support
  • 9.55MHz, switchable to 4.77MHz or 7.16MHz on the fly
  • Dual 64K ROM, switchable with DIP switch, writeable
  • 832K RAM
    • 640K conventional
    • up to 192K UMB RAM (160K max when using VGA)
    • UMB-Configured DOS 6.22 uses only 10K conventional!
  • PC/104 Expansion Platform
    • (optional) PC/104 SVGA card, with VGA port in the rear I/O area
  • Real-time clock (uses a CR2032 cell)
  • High-density Floppy controller, with FM support
  • Bootable XT-IDE Interface
    • Onboard IDE port
    • Onboard CompactFlash card slot at rear I/O
    • (optional) 64MB CF Card Included! Loaded with DOS and ready to go
  • 16550 Serial Port
  • PS/2 Mouse Port
  • PS/2 Keyboard Port (can be jumpered for XT keyboards)
  • Bidirectional parallel port
  • ATX Power Input. Generates own -5V rail
  • 4 x 8-bit ISA Slots
  • Front-panel connector for modern cases
  • Decent onboard PC-Speaker, with option to connect a larger one instead
  • Can disable onboard peripherals and adjust resources used

8088 CPU is slightly slower than NEC V20, but with greater XT compatibility with some software.
NEC V20 is a little faster at the same clock speed, and supports 80186 instructions.

The 512K VGA RAM upgrade is not useful for most tasks. It is only needed for 1024x768 16-colour, and 800x600 256-colour; quite high for a mere 8088, and not supported in almost every application you can use on this. Best for programmers or novelty seekers.
The 8087 is also not useful for most users. Only software that specifically supports it will see a speed increase, such as CAD or spreadsheet software.


  • NuXT v2.0
  • I/O shield
  • User Manual

There are photos with and without the onboard PC/104 VGA option.

A CR2032 cell is not included for shipping reasons. You must purchase one separately if you wish to use the RTC. They can be found in most supermarkets.

A case or power supply is not included. They are in the photos for demonstration purposes. They can be purchased from any computer parts store.


There is a 1 year warranty for repair/replacement.
There is no guarentee of compatability with any of your hardware, monitors, etc.
If issues arise and can't be solved over emails, you will need to return it to me. I will usually pay for your return shipping, if quoted prior, but that is up to my discretion.


See LazyGameReviews' excellent demonstration of the previous NuXT v1.2 here. And check out his awesome channel!

CPU and Floppy schematic sections, and BIOS, are based on work by Sergey Kiselev
Schematic source
Useful utilities
BIOS Updates
User Manual
Product Code: NuXT
Product Condition: New
weight: 500g
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